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Technical Search Engine Optimization

Imagine two identical websites side-by-side, with technical search engine optimization we can drastically outrank the other site and it will still look exactly the same. Unmatched in technical SEO, we can always make improvements to your website that will propel your rankings upward.

SEO Features

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Web Analytics

Google Analytics Implementation &
Monitoring Services
Ensure Sustainable Growth.

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Web Design

Website Design to match
company branding and vision.

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Search Engine Marketing

* Google Adwords Certified
* Google Mobile Advertising Certified
* Microsoft Bing Ads Certified

Add Value For Your Next Project

My name is Andrew Smallwood, and I am the CEO of Louisville Website Builder

I am currently available for new projects. I can act in a web development, SEO, advertising or consulting role. Please click the link below to see my current resume.


Let Us Help Make Your Website Fly

Page speed is a known ranking factor. Let us show you some tips and tricks to make your website a Ferrari instead of a Pinto.

Recent Posts

August 9, 2016

Google Webmaster Guidelines: Part I

Implementing and following the Google Webmaster Guidelines is one the best ways to get your website to rank higher in the search engines. Check out Part I of our guide to start moving your website up the ladder quickly. We try to find a way so that you are able to implement these guidelines quickly and easily.