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The Evolution of Smallwood Consulting and

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This serves as both a history of the evolution of Smallwood Consulting and the personal history of Andrew Smallwood. It's difficult to tell one story without the other. This story is told in the first-person by Andrew Smallwood.

The Early Years

College & Military Experience 2001-2009

I was a combat medic in the US Army Reserves for 9 years and served in an active dute capacity during the Iraqi conflict. My family' long medical history was drilled into me for years. I thought medical school was my destiny for a long time. I have always loved helping people, and I still do. However, I found out I wasn't passionate about medicine. I came to the conclusion that I didn't want to devote ten additional years of education to become a physician.

A Little More College 2009-2011

After making the decision to move away from medicine I switched my major to computer science. I received an AS Degree from Jefferson Community and Technical College in 2011. While working toward my BS Degree in Computer Science, the classes were becoming less and less interesting.

Professional Recruiting 2011-2014

By being in the right place at the right time, I stopped school and my technology experience translated directly to technical recruiting. I was offered a Junior Recruiting position in 2011 at V-Soft Consulting Group in Louisville, KY. It was at V-Soft that I gained a wealth of knowledge surrounding the local and national technology market. It was astounding that so many organizations . The wealth of cutting-edge technology being used continues to grow. I excelled at V-Soft working as a recruiter eventually becoming the Recruiting Manager. I moved on from V-Soft and expanded my industry experience to include other verticals such as manufacturing ,engineering, HR and executive staffing. I worked in the staffing field until 2014.

Digital Marketing & Development 2014-Present

Career Change Back Into Technology

In 2014, I made a career change from technical recruiting to digital services and application development. The recruiting vertical was becoming more and more of a grind. And I was exhausted by the sales-driven environments.

Website development and digital marketing was entirely new to me. Beyond a few college projects, I had done very little development. Nothing prepared me for what was ahead and the depth within the technology sector.

My technical skillset grew organically. I use the term organic because there was no set path, I was learning and researching what I thought was important.

A Long Road Ahead

With zero development experience and very little guidance, the vast amount of information in this field can be extremely daunting. Deciding what technology you should focus on can be a real challenge. What is marketable? What technology stacks complement each other? I worked tirelessly mastering new technology, learning in the most efficient way possible, to provide the greatest value to Smallwood Consulting clients.

My research evolved into areas including search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media strategy, web analytics and digital marketing.

For a more detailed explanation of projects and technology proficiencies , please check out my career history and development resume.

Long Term Aspirations

My long-term goal is to build custom solutions for clients that can virtually guarantee growth. I want Smallwood Consulting to be an authority and subject matter expert in all facets of a company's digital presence. My goal is to be able to look at any business model and create substantial growth using our custom process.

Current Web Services Available

Our services provide a comprehensive digital strategy encompassing every aspect of digital business. Our process consists of five distinct areas that strengthen an organization's foundation as well as their probability for future success.

Web Services

Additional Services

  • Custom Development Solutions
  • Growth Marketing Initiatives

Every service offered has one primary goal. To create measurable, consistent growth attributed to specific actions.

Website Design & Development Experience

Smallwood Consulting has completed multiple full lifecycle web development projects. All website projects use content management systems (CMS) or custom platforms.

Content Management Systems

  • Weebly
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • WordPress

As an example, Clownin' Around LLC, a Louisville-based party and equipment rental company, is built on the Weebly platform. I have also built websites using WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Magento. I have completed WordPress projects containing in excess of 13,000 pages.

Custom Web Design Projects

Dollar Reverse, a custom project, offers reverse phone lookup services to both enterprise and consumer clients. Content is also created dynamically with PHP and uses multiple RESTful APIs in tandem to display information. This website also caches new content automatically and grows organically every day. Our company website is also custom.

Using the Bootstrap framework, we build custom websites using proramming languages such as PHP, HTML, JavaScript, JSON, CSS and Python.

Digital Marketing Consulting Experience

I have performed consulting services for companies and consumers that make my expertise valuable for a wide array of clients. For example, I have clients that include a talented Artist starting a website, a multi-million dollar manufacturing company and even a multibillion dollar wireless telecommunications retailer. I have also designed social media strategies for mayoral candidates and United States Senators.

Family Life

I currently reside with my wife and children in a southern Indiana suburb right over the bridge from Louisville, Kentucky.

Thank you for reading this and taking an interest in Smallwood Consulting.

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Special Thanks

Without these people, I wouldn't be where I am today. Everyone listed has made a substantial impact on my life. I consider everyone listed as a mentor that has helped me grow as a person and professional. If you see your name on this list, consider it a personal thank you from me.

And I apologize if I missed anyone.

  • Andrea Smallwood - Financial Planning Professional, Northwestern Mutual
  • Cpt. Greg Pennell - Assistant Chief of Police, Ret. & Martial Arts National Competitor
  • Michael Bush - Northwestern Mutual
  • Kevin Porter - Marketing Professional, Facebook Ads Consultant,
  • Purna Veer - CEO, V-Soft Consulting Group
  • John Hughes - Sales, Training & Management Consultant
  • Rekha Kalita - Senior Technical Recruiter
  • Thomas Garner D.M.D. - Executive, Clear Choice Smile Orthodontics
  • Osagie Enaiho - Serial Entreprenuer & CEO,
  • James Garner - City Councilman, Former New Albany Mayor and current Insurance Adjuster Expert
  • Dennis Julius - Owner, Walnut Ridge Nursery & 300 Spring
  • Osagie Enaiho - Serial Entreprenuer & CEO,
  • Patrick Broderick - US Veteran &anp; CEO, Valiant Construction
  • Paul Garner - Anethesiologist & Entreprenuer
  • Bobby Bass - CEO, Bass Realty Group
  • Anthony Wilkenson - Senior Technical Recruiter
  • Sean Stafford - Founder, El Toro
  • Roger Smallwood - CEO, Southern Indiana Plastics, Inc.
  • Bill Garner, M.D. - Surgeon
  • Elmer Smallwood - Entreprenuer
  • Alex Smallwood - Serial Entreprenuer CEO, Clownin Around LLC
  • Nick Hensgen - Serial Entreprenuer
  • Ryan Schrink - Bodybuilder, Fitness Professional and Entreprenuer