Smallwood Consulting Core Business Principles, Guidelines and Methodologies

written by Andrew Smallwood

We hold our selves to a higher standard of customer service. All decisions are based on client need only. We continuously strive to build the credibility and industry authority of Smallwood Consulting within the technology sector.

The audio and video files below are major inspirations to me personally. Both clips are responsible for large changes within my personal and business life. Enjoy!

Never compromise your integrity to make your dreams your reality.  - Aaron Smallwood

Charles Bukowski: Poet & Writer

August 16, 1920 - March 9, 1994

Core Principles

  • Provide service recommendations based solely on client and community benefit.
  • Provide accurate, non-technical service recommendations that include timelines, expectations and milestones.
  • Each solution should be unique according to business requirements.
  • Always relay 100% transparency when explaining Smallwood Consulting business processes and/or services with the exception of information classified as "confidential", "clandestine" or "trade secret" using the Smallwood Consulting document classification system.
  • Never sell products or services that will not pass the Smallwood Consulting Growth Index.

The Great Dictator

starring Charlie Chaplin released March 7, 1941

Charlie Chaplin

April 16, 1889 - December 25, 1977

Cost Estimation Guidelines

  • All clients must participate, either remotely or in person, in a question and answer session to outline the best possible service recommendation
  • Following the initial session, a unique process and timeline will be created.
  • Milestones and benchmarks will be agreed to by both Smallwood Consulting and client. Monthly or quarterly milestones are acceptable.
  • The proposal will include the total cost for the client. The project cost is not exceed that number.
  • Project proposals and milestone documents are built to be as non-technical as possible.

Milestone documents display project goals throughout the timeline of the project.

Project Principles

  • Always aim for project completion before schedule and under budget.
  • Always take ownership of errors and omissions and accept accountability. Be prepared to recommend viable solutions in such cases. Always consult the executive POC in such cases.
  • Proactively and fully disclose all potential delays. This includes low probability scenarios. If an unforeseen delay arises, first communication all information to the executive POC. Always give clear, precise answers. Do not guess.
  • Alwasy provide clean, non-technical process documentation upon client request. Always adhere to plain writing principles.
  • Never over-burden available resources to reach specified deadline. In the case of potential deadline change, regardless of responsible party, report information immediately to executive POC.

Truthful Professionalism

  • Always act in a professional manner, even when not reciprocated.
  • Always treat technical staff already working with the client with the utmost respect and professionalism.
  • Always tell the truth in a respectful manner and ensure information is accurate by having adequate source material if necessary.

Community Responsibility

  • Never discriminate against others based on, but not limited to, gender, race, ethnicity, age, religion, disability, nationality, or sexual orientation.
  • Clients should be be prepared for influxes in revenue ensuring changes are handled effectively. This could include preparing documentation for additional staff or equipment.
  • It is the ultimate resposibility of Smallwood Consulting to help the community by creating market sector growth.

Incident Process

  • The dissemination of custom application information is handled on a case-by-case basis. This applies to both private and government clients.
  • Protect proprietary and confidential Smallwood Consulting information and methodologies. Under duress, direct all client questions to Andrew Smallwood prior to information dissemination.

Violations of this Code are reviewed by Smallwood Consulting executive staff and clients should report all issues immediately.

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