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Web Services Mission

Every web service offered by Smallwood Consulting LLC shares the same end goal. To create measurable growth attributed to specific events or actions.

For example, we carefully monitor new content releases using Google Analytics. We eliminate guesswork by measuring organizational data and making sure that data is accurate.

  • Are users reading and engaging with new content? Or are users skimming and leaving the site quickly?
  • How are visitors finding new content? Search Engine, Online Ads, Email Campaigns? What source creates the highest value among new users?
  • How are users interacting or not interacting with content? What is the most popular site content? Video, Blog Articles, Service Offerings?
  • Keyword research database created for every client the inclues monthly search volume, keyword difficulty, number of competitors and website rank progression.

We create visual dashboards that show fluctuations in web traffic as well as how users interact with new content. Through accurate monitoring and testing, we create an environment that consisently improves. Maintaining a high level of data accuracy serves as the core for continuous improvement.

Example 1 - Changing Content

Whenever we update content on the website, we test the new or updated content using web analytics. The webpage will cycle evenly between the orginal and new version for each visitor. We measure and monitor the behavior of each visitor until an accurate conclusion determines the most effective page. We can measure if the new content is attracting more visitors, creating more sales, increasing email subscriptions and much more. Anything that happens on the website can be measured.

Example 2 - Website Value Add

A customer wants to know how much business is a result of the company website. We add a phone number encoded with specific information to the website. That specific number is only listed on the website. When that number is called it forwards to the company main line. The client has access to a report showing calls made to that specific number. We can also show the length of call, caller id and even a transcript of each call if required.

Web Services

Proudly Serving The Louisville, Kentucky And Southern Indiana Area

Online Advertising and Search Engine Marketing

Certified using the Google AdWords and Microsoft Bing advertising platforms.

Google Analytics Data Services

Google Analytics Services allow us to measure success by monitoring data from your organization.

Custom Technology Solutions

Every solution or service we provide for an organization is uniquely designed for their needs. The first step for new clients is a question and answer consultation.

We accomplish by performing an analytics optimization or installation service for every client. Then we know we are looking at the correct data for your company. An optimized Google Analytics installation will conclusively show increases in business because of our services. Every analytics optimization service is also unique. We create custom dashboards according to client needs. A dashboard is a control panel that shows important information about a business.

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