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written by Andrew Smallwood & published & updated January 10, 2016

Google Analytics Services

Create data reports in a non-technical format so your organization's leadership can make more informed, strategic business decisions analyzing more accurate data.


Google Tag Manager

At Smallwood Consulting we do not use Google Tag Manager even though we are certified. It's a matter of preference. Our analytics services do not use the Tag Manager.

Google Analytics 360 Suite

Analytics 360 Suite is Google's enterprise-level analytics platform. The analytics services we offer do not include 360 suite.

Web Analytics Optimization Consulting

What are we trying to accomplish

A proper web analytics implementation ensures increased data integrity (i.e. more accurate data). We make adjustments to your analytics setup ensuring highly accurate reporting.


For example, if employees or business owners visit the website, we make sure those visits are not confused with customer visits. We exclude those visits from the data entirely. We can set preferred locations according to customer locations.


We categorize visitors into groups, also called segments, according to what web pages are visited. For example, if visitor A views information about "Product B" we place that visitor in the"Product B" remarketing category. This allows us to show advertisements based on product B leading to increased sales. We create custom, non-technical dashboards for business owners to review and analyze the information.

Web Analytics Installation & Optimization Service

$750.00 - $2,000.00

USD Smallwood Consulting LLC

Analytics Service Features

Every feature listed below gets us closer to the goal of error-free data.

  • Enable Visitor Remarketing
  • Exclude Company Personnel From Metrics
  • Block Unwanted Bot/Spider Traffic
  • Block Referral Spam Traffic
  • Create Non-Technical Custom Dashboards
  • Custom Events/Trackers
  • Create Customer Audience Categories
  • Social Media Profile Integration
  • Additional Search Engine Integration (Bing, Yahoo, AOL, Lycos, Yandex)
  • Connect Google Search Console

Web Analytics Optional Add On Modules

  • Create Video Recording Of Every Visitor
  • Create Visual Heatmap Showing Link Popularity
  • Build and Implement Content Experiments Using A/B Split Testing
  • Twilio Phone Number Call Analytics Implementation
  • Plugin Measuring "Scroll Depth" Per Page

A/B Split testing has been a runaway success for many companies. Google ran 7000 split tests in 20111.

1  () The ABCs of A/B testing. Available at: (Accessed: 19 November 2016).

Schedule Your Analytics Assessment

Or Free Q & A Session Today

This assessment is no-charge and analyzes your current website. The end result is to show the value, if applicable, of an analytics installation/optimization for your website.

Analytics Test For Business/Website Owners

This will check if an analytics install is positioned properly. The analytics script should be located at the very top of the page beneath the head tag.

Step By Step
  1. Go to your homepage
  2. Right click anyhere on the page and select "View Page Source". This will open a new tab with the source code.
  3. Hit "Ctrl+F" on your keyboard and type <head>
  4. The next line should contain <script> followed by your analytics code

That's it. If it's not there, it does not mean an improper installation. It does mean your analytics platform is not optimized.

Analytics Service Features

Exclude Employee And Executive Web Traffic

If your company has an inhouse web developer or development team, in many instances your entire dataset is rendered useless.

For example, a web developer might work on a company website six to eight hours per day. Imagine what that will do to the "Average Time Spent On Page" Segment. Company employees spend more time on company websites than other visitors on average. If we don't exclude that traffic specifically, the website time metrics will be incorrect. Metrics such as acquisition, engagement, behavior and conversions and many others are incorrect. Not only incorrect, business owners make unknowingly poor decisions based on that information.

Enable Remarketing

Remarketing allows us to show advertisements to website visitors based on interest. For example, if a website visitor spent time viewing the "product A" page on your site, we can show them advertisements featuring "product A" to increase the likelihood of future purchase.

Block Unwanted Bot/Spider Traffic

The optimization service blocks malicious bot and spider traffic to your website. A bot is a program that scans your website, and we make sure we block potentially malicious programs. These programs also increase innaccuracies within our analytics reports.

Create Non-Technical Custom Dashboards

Dashboards are reports created within analytics that show data important to your business/website. These dashboards can feature any data that your organization deems important.

Event Trackers

We are able to track particular events to track important content. For example, if you just released a video on your website we can track what kind of customer pressed play (or didn't press play). You might learn that a particular video is popular with females between 18-45 that lived in a specific area.

Audience Categories

We can label customers according to how they interact with your website. For example, a customer visits the "Men's Footwear" section of your website. We can then label that visitor with a "Men's Footwear" label. This creates targeted remarketing efforts for E-mail marketing and/or advertising campaigns.

Social Media Profile Integration

We integrate your social media profiles with your analytics setup to track how social media platform effectiveness.

Additional Search Engine Integration

We want to track traffic and visitors from every search engine, not just Google. So we add additional search engines like Bing and Yahoo to accomplish this.



Referral Traffic Categories Section Image

Referral Traffic Categories Section Image

Referral Traffic Categories

How Do Visitors Find A Website?

The term web traffic is represents website visitors in digital marketing. The traffic is displayed in one of six distinct referral categories.



Users entered the website URL ( directly into the URL bar.



A user has clicked on a link following a keyword search using Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.


Social Media

Visitors are reaching your website through your social media profiles and posts+.


Outside Links

Traffic originates from a link on another website, also known as a backlink.


E-Mail Link

Traffic arrives at the site as a result of a link in email correspndence.

Referral Traffic Dashboard Examples

Feel Free To Click Each Image For A Larger View

Google Analytics Referral Traffic Dashboard

The figure above is a sample referral traffic dashboard. Referral traffic is an important metric which lists exactly how visitors find a website arranged by category. Speficially, what was the name of the exact webpage just before getting to your website.

Kissmetrics Referral Traffic Dashboard

Kissmetrics Referral Traffic Category Report

A categorized referral traffic report by Kissmetrics showing sources like direct, organic and paid traffic. The Kissmetrics platform is not a current analytics service implementation option.

Custom Metrics and Dashboard Examples

Example graphs and dashboards displaying website metrics

Google Data Studio

This is an example of a custom dashboard using the recently released Google Data Studio. It allows clients to have a lot of flexibility around styling reports wiht company branding. It also offers multiple options to display data so that it is meaningful to organizational goals.

Google Data Studio Custom Dashboard Example

The Figure Above shows a custom dashboard built using the Google Data Studio

Please Click Here to View the Live Dashboard within Google Data Studio

User-Interest Graph Based On Web History

This dashboard categorizes users into interest groups according to web history. This particular data set offers valuable insights into specific user expections and/or goals when visiting your website.

Google Analytics Services User Interest Dashboard

The figure above is a dashboard that categorizes users into interest groups according to web history. This particular graph displays user goals and objectives. Note that the number one interest is "employment", this website would benefit from having a career portal.

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