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Reach a new, larger customer audience and save money by hiring marketing professionals. Certified in the two largest online advertising platforms, Google Adwords and Microsoft Bing Ads.

updated December 16, 2016

Louisville Online Adveritising Marketing

Smallwood Consulting is an accredited Microsoft Bing Advertisements Professional and certified in Google Adwords. Using our search engine marketing services will lower advertising costs, decrease the cost to acquire each customer and make your online advertising campaigns more efficient.

The online advertising model by Google and Bing is based on a bidding system. Think of it like an auction except you are bidding on words and phrases unique to your company/industry.

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Question and answer sessions are not billable. They only serve to provide knowledge and information regarding search engine marketing methods. This allows website owners to make the best decision regarding their advertising moving forward.

Digital Advertising Certifications

Google Adwords Certification Smallwood Consulting

Figure 1: Google Adwords Certification

Microsoft Bing Ads Professional Image

Figure 2: Microsoft Bing Ads Professional

Figure 3: `Adwords Mobile Advertising Certification

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Search Engine Marketing Process Guide

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Listed below is the online advertising process developed and currently used by Smallwood Consulting. Our search engine marketing service uses both Google AdWords and Microsoft Bing Ads. The first step is to define goals to determine a campaign type followed a period of research and analysis. The goal is to create the highest possible return on investment using research, split testing and accurate reporting. We determine the cost of acquiring a new customer and weight that figure against the average total profit per customer.

  1. Session 1: Define Goal, Budget & Biding Strategy
    1. Please see ad campaign option types below.
  2. Session 2: Market Research
    1. Market Research designed to locate new clients and customers.
    2. Based on market trends as well as previous competitive research.
  3. Session 3: Competitive Analysis
    1. Link Analysis research on specific competition to evaluate marketing strategies.
    2. Client will provide list of up to ten direct competitors.
  4. Session 4: Keyword Research
    1. Research keywords within client industry.
    2. Locate highly searched, low competition keywords and phrases.
  5. Session 5: Targeting Approval
    1. Targeting Customer Strategy
    2. Device Targeting
  6. Session 6: Extensions Development
    1. Sitelinks
    2. Location
    3. Call
    4. App
    5. Review
    6. Callout
    7. Structured Snippet
    8. Price
  7. Session 7: Ad Design Concepts
    1. Create 3 messages/pitches for potential clients.
    2. Headline One must be 30 characters or less (including spaces)
    3. Headline Two must be 30 characters or less (including spaces)
    4. Description must be 80 characters or less (including spaces)
    5. Must Include Call to Attention Statement
    6. Headline Two Must Have Call to Action Statement
  8. Session 8: Ad Design Presentation
    1. Present three initial designs
    2. Text and/or Display Advertisement Design Review
  9. Session 9: Ad Design Approval
    1. Final Advertisement Design Approval
    2. Three versions of three advertisements will require final approval.
  10. Session 10: Advertising Campaign Launch!
    1. Campaign Launch

Pay Per Click SEM Image

Advertising Options Available

  1. Cost Per Click (CPC) AKA Pay Per Click (PPC)
    1. used for bringing customers to your products and website.
    2. Great option for generating traffic.
    3. Keyword bid as well as position determines the cost for each click.
    4. Discus Quality Score.
  2. Enchanced Cost Per Click (ECPC) (Not Offered)
    1. ECPC allows Google to automatically adjust bids up to earn additional clicks.
  3. Cost Per Mille (CPM) or Cost Per Thousand (CPT)
    1. Increases visibility and creates traffic.
    2. Bid is based on 1,000 impressions.
    3. Bid is estimated by Google based on potential visitors.
  4. Viewable Cost Per Mile (vCPM)
    1. Improves brand awareness.
    2. Not used for converting web traffic.
    3. Bid based on 1,000 viewable impressions.
    4. Viewable is defined as 50% visibility on the page.
    5. vCPM bids are based on cost of 1,000 people seeing your advertisement.
    6. The vCPM bid is estimated by Google based 1,000 views, not potential visitors.
  5. Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
    1. Advanced bid structure measured by conversions.
    2. CPA Option requires additional time to integrate Google Adwords, Analytics and Search Console.
    3. This option requires web server and website document root access.
  6. Cost Per View (CPV) is used for Youtube videos and is great for conveying messages to potential customers.
    1. Requires addition targeting research session.
    Success using CPV requires highly targeted customers.
  • Youtube Masthead Campaign from DoubleClick
    1. 970 X 250 Pixel ad that runs on the YouTube homepage for 24 hours.
    2. Masthead displays can expand on mouse-over to 970 X 500
    3. Masthead campaigns cost $375,000 per day.
    4. Each research and targeting session is tripled.
    5. Contact DoubleClick starting their process.