Search Engine Optimization Expectations from the Microsoft Bing Webmaster Blog

"One thing to keep in mind about doing SEO work is that it's not an instant fix. Neither is it a one-time job. The optimization changes made to a site often take time to show the full extent of their benefit. And to continue to see benefits, SEO work needs to be done on an ongoing basis. It's important to communicate to your web team and/or your management that they need to reset expectations about level of effort and time needed for SEO work. This is not to say it's not a worthwhile effort to make or to too costly to do. To the contrary, it's an excellent investment if you want your website to be more successful in search and with users. Just be realistic about expectations. Short duration, small resource investments in SEO will usually not yield the results that folks typically want. 1"

1  () Is your site ranking? Do a site review part 1 (SEM 101). Available at: (Accessed: 20 November 2016).

Louisville Website Consulting Microsoft Bing Search Results Page

Screenshot 1 Above Number One Search Result For The Search Keywords "Louisvile Website Consulting". Screenshot captured March 8, 2016

Yahoo Search Results with First Ranking

Screenshot 2 Displays Number One Yahoo Search Result For The Phrase "Website Consulting"

Benefits Of High Organic Search Rankings

The audio file below is a fictional example of potential organic rank result value. Since organic keyword rankings cannot be purchased and must be earned, the terms "SEO" and "Organic" always go hand-in-hand.

A number one google search ranking for many popular keywords and phrases can equal over a million visitors every month.

Audio Transcript

One of the main services we provide at Smallwood Consulting is search engine optimization. Just to delve a little further into that, it simply means we are able to rank you higher.
Why is that important?

For example, let's say you own a Bakery and the term "best birthday cake" is searched 200,000 times a month. Well, if you were ranked number one for that specific term you would have approximately 75,000 visits a month because of that one keyboard.

Let's say you're getting roughly 1,000 visits a month now and you're making "X" amount of dollars because of those visits. What would happen if we were able to get 75,000 visits a month or 100,000 visits a month? Business would increase.

And that's basically the gist of search engine optimization and the way that we accomplish that is through proper keyword planning, on-page optimization which means we go through your website find and fix errors, link building which means that we find sites in your industry that are authority or big-name sites and we link to those sites which makes you more of an authority. And not only that, they link back to us. And last but not least, we continuously provide unique and valuable content to our customers.

Search Engine Optimization Services Update

November 6, 2016

We have merged both SEO Service options into one main package called SEO PRO Plus. We made this change because installing and optizing Google Analytics Installation is necessary for measuring success. The audio file above was recorded prior to removing SEO PRO.

February 11, 2017

As of February 11, Smallwood Consulting will approve new SEO clients individually. Current and past SEO client data results have proven to yield significant changes in client revenue. The results vary based on industry and location. Our process creates a unique SEO strategy for every client to maximize return on investment. Because every industry is different, we research areas including but not limited to market trends, industry best practices and business models. This increases Smallwood Consulting's investment in each new client.

Service Process
  Analytics Audit and Optimization
Identify Key Performance Metrics
Ensure High Level Data Integrity
A/B Split Testing
Create Custom Dashboards
Create Custom Dashboards
Link Google Search Console
  Optimize Configuration Files
Disallow and Remove Referral Spam
Disallow Website Mirroring Software
Redirect To "www" or "non-www"
  Competitive Analysis
Link Analysis
Target Revenue Sources
Analyze Competitor Authority
Analyze Link Profile
  Keyword Planning
Create Category and Word Lists
Assess Keyword Competition
Assess Keyword Difficulty
Check Current Ranking Across Many Search Engines

Software and Applications
SEO Powersuite's RankTracker - build keyword databases showing historical ranking and competitor data
Google Keyword Planner - requires both Google and Google Adwords Account
Bing Keyword Research - requires Microsoft or Office 365 Account
  Comprehensive Website Audit
SEO and Technical Error Checking
Crawling and Indexing
Social Media and Traffic Stats
In-Depth Page Content Analysis

Example Website Audit Report
Software and Applications
SEO Powersuite's Website Auditor
  On-Site Optimization
Correct SEO Errors
Correct Technical Errors
Create SiteMap
Create Robots Exclusion File
Twitter Card Inclusion
Follow Tiered Website Architecture
Facebook Open Graph Protocol
  Social Media Strategy
Profile Accounts
Google Plus

Social Media Tools
Hootsuite - Certified
Social Mention - Social Media Search Engine
  Website Performance
Page Speed
Site Speed
Resource Minification
Image Optimization
Caching Rules
gzip Compression

Page Speed Insights Guide

Software and Applications
GT Metrix
Google PageSpeed Insights
  Content Strategy
Keyword Research
Competitive Analysis
  Link Building
Natural Backlink Strategy
Locate Authority Links
Add Authority External Links
Index Links
Create Tiered Link Structure
Choose Tier 1 Blog Platform (WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr)

Search Engine Optimization Process Guideline PDF

Please download a copy of our custom SEO process. This is meant as a general overview. Every search engine optimization client timeline and process is unique.

SEO Services Timeline Download Screenshot

Search Engine Optimization Process Guideline PDF Screenshot

  Download Our SEO Services Process Breakdown PDF

This PDF lays out a general workflow for an SEO campaign. Please view this as an example. Every client has unique needs so every process is tailored accordingly.